Disability Care

At Reliant, we want you to be enabled to live your best life, regardless of a disability you may be living with. We take our cues from you, and can assist with all aspects of life. Our Registered Nurse Coordinators and experienced and appropriate carers work with you and the people around you to ensure that you exercise choice and control when it comes to your care needs.

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NDIS Services Information

Why did we become a NDIS provider?

Because we believe in:

Enabling people to really live, not just exist. People who need assistance with tasks so they can focus on living their best lives.

Considering everyone – our care extends to the support network around our clients.

Understanding – we understand and love the fact that everyone is different – we take our cues from you, and provide you with advice and information to help you decide what you want.

Reliability – you can absolutely rely on us to sort you out.

Curiosity – we are so interested in the world around us and we want to play an active role in making it better.

Change – we want to change perceptions.

We want all people to be seen as people – people who should be appreciated and celebrated.

Reliant Healthcare NDIS Service Access & Entry

The purpose of the NDIS is to:

  • support people with disability to pursue their goals and maximise their independence and social and economic participation
  • develop the capacity of people with disability to participate in the community and in employment
  • build a sustainable scheme that is based on insurance principles.

Reliant Healthcare as aRegistered Provider, agrees to uphold the objectives of the NDIS Act and work with participants to achieve individual outcomes.

Access to Services

  • Registered NDIS Participant
  • NDIS Plan
  • Funds available for support service
  • Support is provided under appropriate registered categories of Reliant Healthcare
  • Reliant Healthcare has the capacity of staff and staff skill to undertake services

Withdrawal of Services

  • Service Agreement will include a time frame of notice of termination
  • Serious breach of Agreement
  • Inability or lack of funds
  • NDIS withdrawal of plan and allocated funds
  • Serious misconduct to service providers or care staff
  • NDIS withdrawal of support and registration of personas an NDIS participant

What is our role in your journey?

Our role is to provide support and information to help you live your best life.

How we do this will be up to you. You now have more control and choice over services that are provided to you.  New changes take time to get used to.  Some ways that we can help you navigate your way through the NDIS are:

  • Helping to Prepare: We have designed a simple questionnaire that will help you connect with your goals and ambitions.
  • Planning: We can meet with you (and / or your family, carers) to discuss your NDIS plan, how it can be best implemented and provide support.
  • Provide and Coordinate Services: You may be trying to implement new services or building upon services that you already have established. As a registered provider we offer a range of services. Some of which are listed below:
    • 0104 Personal Activities High
    • 0107 Assist Personal Activities
    • 0114 Community Nursing Care
    • 0120 Household Tasks
    • 0125 Participate Community
    • 0126 Exercise Physiology
  • Provide Information: There is a lot of new information to take on board if you would like one of our co-ordinators to walk you through our services or have any questions please contact us

How do I know if I am eligible for the NDIS Scheme?

The National Disability Insurance Agency is a government body that runs the NDIS.  This body ultimately determines who is eligible to become a participant in the NDIS Scheme.  There are generally three main requirements:

You are under 65 years of age

You are and Australian citizen or resident or permanent visa holder

You meet the disability or early intervention requirements

If you are unsure whether you meet these requirements you can access the National Disability Insurance Agency website here for more information.

What if I am already an existing disability services client?

We at Reliant can help to ensure that the transition of services goes smoothly. We will work with you in providing services that will help you implement your NDIS and support you in obtaining your identified goals and ambitions.

Reliant will work with any other providers that you have identified in your plan to ensure that the transitions to NDIS is smooth.

If you questions regarding implementing your NDIS plan contact us

Next Steps

This is just a brief insight into what we, at Reliant Healthcare, can do to provide support to you for your NDIS plan. We offer a variety of services that can assist you and are happy to work with you to implement and coordinate your best plan.

There are different ways that you can contact us at Reliant Healthcare.  If you would like to speak with someone personally you can contact us on this phone number:

1300 266 769

If you prefer to send your questions via email please send through them to:

[email protected]

and we will answer you within 24 hours.

Reliant Healthcare NDIS Questionnaire

This plan is to help you to start focusing on your goals and plans for your future.  To do this you may want to think about what is important to you, what is working well at the moment and what you would like to change to help you in the future.




    About yourself

    What is important to me at the moment?*

    What people in my life are important to me and how do they support me?


    How do I know this person? (eg: partner, parent, next-door-neighbour, teacher etc)

    Why are they important to me? How do they help me?*

    Person 2*

    How do I know this person? (eg: partner, parent, next-door-neighbour, teacher etc)

    Why are they important to me? How do they help me?

    Person 3*

    How do I know this person? (eg: partner, parent, next-door-neighbour, teacher etc)*

    Why are they important to me? How do they help me?

    My everyday needs*

    What is working well for me and I am happy with?*

    What is not working well what would I like to change?*

    How do I like to spend my time?*

    What activities do I do at the moment? (eg work, study, visit friends etc)*

    In the future

    What would you like to do in the future? *

    What goals would you like to have? (eg; learn skills to help you work or attend social activities)*

    What is the most important thing that I want to keep the same *

    What is the most important thing that I would like to achieve in the future?

    * Required fields

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