Although Reliant Healthcare advocates for all individuals, couples and families at home, we also seek to implement best practice strategies for LGBTIQ people.

These strategies set out ways we can achieve better health outcomes for everyone in the community, by also identifying and specifically ensuring LGBTIQ people will be respected and listened to.

In partnership with ACON, we plan, implement and work towards inclusive practices that potentially provide the extra care and extra* services required by the community. We are also a proud founding member of Pride in Health and Wellbeing.

Reliant Healthcare remains inclusive and sensitive to the needs of LGBTIQ individuals (once identified as LGBTIQ the individual client is matched with nurses and carers that best suit them).

Absolute privacy and acknowledgement of the individual’s sexuality, through a sensitive collection of relevant medical history using gender-neutral language on forms and communications.

Regular training and induction processes ensure staff are made aware their clients’ privacy is assured.

We also increase clients’ sense of safety, acceptance and inclusion by tailoring their healthcare programs. We want to be the preferred provider for in-home services for the LGBTIQ community.

Reliant has an in-house representative that researches, develops and collaborates with other LGBTIQ organisations to ensure we remain ahead of the others in the field.

Reliant Healthcare is non-religious and non-judgmental home care. Being ‘OUT’ with us is not an issue.

Reliant provides a safe service. Although all people should be treated equally we understand that it is a person’s history and lifestyle that makes them unique – there is no one size fits all.

*this refers to specialised outings for clients, social groups and outreach programs and training for staff



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