No two people are the same, so Reliant develops tailored health care plans to suit your individual needs, and matches you with the right staff to set you up to succeed.

Starting with Reliant can happen almost immediately and involves:

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Assessment – your Registered Nurse Clinical Coordinator can meet with you at a location of your choice. You may want to have a friend or partner present to assist in tailoring a service that is right for you.

Your Care Plan and Carer – your Registered Nurse Clinical Coordinator will provide you with a complete Care Plan that meets your unique requirements. We also take great care to select a carer who will be right for you (in fact, we call it a ‘dating game’ here in the office). You take an active role in this selection process.

Start your care plan and get back to life – you decide when and where your service begins. You can finish, change, or add to the service at any point. The choice and control are yours. Your Registered Nurse Clinical Coordinator and your Carer will work together with you, any people of your choosing, and medical professionals, to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality and most appropriate care at all times.

Q. Do you take American Express?

  1. We get asked this question all the time and yes, we certainly do.

Q: How do I know Reliant staff are being paid fairly and appropriately?

A: Reliant staff are paid at above-award wages, and we meet all statutory requirements including payroll tax and superannuation. As Reliant staff are employees and not contractors, we also cover things such as workers compensation and public liability insurances, and can monitor staff fatigue.

Q: What if we don’t feel the Carer is the right fit?

A: At Reliant, we make a huge effort to fit the right nurse or carer with the right client for a happy ongoing relationship. We like to think of it as a “dating game” in some senses. We ask you to be candid with your preferences and we work together to get it right. If you don’t feel its right, we make sure it is!

Q: What sort of care staff work at Reliant?

A: Reliant has a diverse base of Caring and Nursing staff, who are all appropriately skilled and each bring their own unique gifts to our clients. Unlike a lot of companies, all our staff are employees rather than contractors, which means the quality of service you receive is assured and monitored. We have staff of all genders, ages, skill strengths and cultural backgrounds. The one thing they do have in common is a commitment to provide the highest quality care.

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