Bridge Builders

“Bridge helps you think. It’s a game you can play your entire life and keep getting better and better.” Bill Gates.

Bridge players who live on the North Shore or Eastern suburbs, who feel that they may have to give up the game they love, due to problems with eyesight, mobility or speed (not being as fast as they once were) are in luck. Bridge Builders is a supportive new bridge group working in conjunction with Grand Slam Bridge Centre in Double Bay, Trumps at Mosman and Gordon Bridge Centre to help players who are experiencing difficulties with the game they love.

With the help of an experienced carer from Reliant Healthcare, you will be welcomed and assisted with everything from larger playing cards and scoring to getting refreshments or having a bathroom break. Players can also get help with transport to the club if required.

Our General Manager, Jillian Conroy (who hatched this plan) believes that time spent playing bridge is a hugely positive experience for older people. “Bridge requires skill and concentration but it is a very social game as well. As we get older, it’s more important than ever to stay mentally active, maintain our social circle and continue to do things we enjoy. Bridge Builders enables people to continue to play bridge in a supportive social environment.”

As people continue to play bridge well into their twilight years, Bridge Builders may be just what some people need to gain back confidence to enjoy not only the health benefits but also the social component of playing bridge.

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