Signs to look out for over Christmas

It is common for families to live far apart, and Christmas and summer holidays are often a time when families come together. If you are visiting ageing parents this Christmas this may be a good chance to quietly observe how your loved ones are coping at home, and there may just be subtle signs that they could use some support.

If you are visiting parents in their home they should be very familiar with their surroundings. Some signs to watch out for that they may not be coping are:

  • Poor judgement such as leaving on the stove, leaving the house unlocked.
  • Disinterest in personal grooming and infrequent bathing.
  • Difficulty preparing meals, lack of interest in food.
  • Mishandling finances, bills left unpaid.
  • Problems managing medications and scripts.
  • Difficulty getting to social events.
  • Problems walking and frequent falls.
  • Increased confusion or memory loss.

Trust your instincts – if something doesn’t feel or seem quite right it usually means that it isn’t. Most older people would prefer to stay in their own home as they age. They often have rich and warm memories and a strong bond with their community. Organising home care so that your elderly parents can enjoy living in their own home is as simple as organising a home visit with us. Our coordinators are happy to come to your parents’ home and work with you and them to facilitate a suitable support service that will help them remain independent and in the home they love.

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